January 29, 2011

Figure drawing sessions... (15)

I'm experiencing I stage where drawing feels easy. The crayon seems to draw by itself somehow, it runs over the paper and I don't worry about anything of what I see, everything looks clear. No worries, about about time or skills. My crayon just follows my guiding feelings and leaves its traces on the paper. Even though I listen to music while drawing, I have the memory of a very silent moment corresponding to each drawing.
I would tend to say that this is a state of grace! Before, it was something I could have the joy to experience once in a while, like something I didn't control. Lately this "magic" seems to be part of my drawing mood or state and if it's not there it's like the essence of the act of drawing is missing. Beeing able to draw under these conditions is like a precious gift to me. 
I have also clearly noticed that if something disturbes me under the execution of a drawing, if it deconnects me, it will show on the drawing. The part drawn after that moment will not look like it's part of the rest, as the "flow" from the start of the drawing was interrupted. To continue the drawing I would have to "pick up" the feeling or the "flow" again. We should always feel strongly when we are drawing, not just keep drawing without emotions. Drawing doesn't work that way. 
In fact, to me this experience clearly confirms the artist Avigdor Arikha's statement: 
"Drawing from observation is immediate. It requires the feeling: intense sensation, vision, velocity and instant execution. It does not admit any subsequent amendments that we would be noticed inevitably... When a head, an apple, a tree or a piece of bread, beat and subjugate, the hand will follow and communicate through the line or spot, the visual emotion."

January 26, 2011

Figure drawing sessions... (14)

Only drawing with crayon for this session. The urge of study drawing grows inside me after a few days without it, so no watercolor today to satisfy my urgent need. Don't know if it's an addiction or if it's something just as important as breathing or eating to me. I feel whole and rich after drawing. 

January 19, 2011

Figure watercolor sketches...

Now I have been drawing for so long without using color for my figures that I feel very happy and confortable painting again. The practice of drawing helps for painting and since lately I starting feeling confortable with my drawing, I can now loosen up a bit. I can start concentrating on some other stuff. Feels good to experience this!!!

January 16, 2011

Good habits...

I realise how important this habit could be to me. I should really keep doing this quind of sketches every day, it's fast, fun and stimulating as I discover and see plenty of new ideas and solutions. Bonnard did wonderful drawings before he painted, and his drawings really have it all, they are a just magnificient. I feel like taking a profound look again in my book of his; "Bonnard, du dessin au tableau".

January 14, 2011

Watercolor in my sketchbook…

Figure drawing sessions... (12)

I used watercolor for this session of figure drawing and here are some of them... It was tough as the poses were short. I had to speed up. I tried to hang on to the quick changes, so I ended up painting on several drawings at the same time. Finishing the first, letting others dry a little to be able to ad color. I force myself to stay focused in conditions like that, and usually I isolate myself listening to music...  

January 12, 2011

Figure drawing sessions... (11)

Todays figure drawings... I try to draw fast with a loose line. 
Again my scans are not very neat, it's because the drawings are a little too large for the scan so I have to do it in two pieces and put the them back together after. So as I try not to spend too much time with this kind of task the result is somtimes not very nice, you'll have to excuse me for this.