April 25, 2014

Studies from workshop with Shane Wolf...

Just freshly out of workshop with amazing artist Shane Wolf. Very instructive and intense hard working three days. I think I learned a few tools to get a better at this, but Mr Shane lives in a whole different sphere that's for sure!
We had the pleasure to work with excellent models Emeline et Rodion. Rodion is a mythical model who has worked with great artists like Giacometti, among others.
None of these samples are finished really if I want to reach some kind of quality, but as I said they contain a few tools I can remember if I keep them in mind.
A nice week-end to you all!

April 14, 2014

"Lemons and blooms"...

A demo I started in watercolor class. Time is always short to teach and finish the work in one lesson. Back in the studio and after reflection, a few brushstrokes to complete some details. I leave the unfinished impression to let the viewer do the rest in his mind...

April 12, 2014

April 08, 2014

Figure sketching session...

Forced myself to keep going today although quite tired with some kind of flue. Now I'm happy that it's the evening and that I soon can relax on my couch! 
The studio was over crowded, noisy and the energy was weird. My focus came and went in a disturbing way I had a hard time to get things down on the paper. As soon as my concentration leaves my mind the whole process and result feel and looks empty. It's essential to be totally into what we do when we draw, just as most of our occupations.