February 26, 2014

February 21, 2014

"Bowl, stones and three sea shells"...

I know, I should change subject. But this time it was more to paint on my newly treated surface of the paper and see it's reactions rather than being inventive. I'm not convinced with what I put on the paper though, I'll have to continue my research...

February 11, 2014

Launch time!...

... today on ONE KINGS LANE:
Reproductions of my work for sale, under the "Emerging Artists" section.
I invite you to take a look, or more if affinity...


(Note that sales on OKL only lasts for a specified length of time, and you will have to wait and hope a new sale is coming up if you missed the one you might be searching for.)

February 09, 2014

Watercolor of a friend's house...

This painting is for a friend who holds a "bed and breakfast", situated near Biarritz, where we stayed last summer. 
I decided do leave the back ground "unfinished" to let the painting breathe. I might do a second try for this painting, to loosen it up a bit more and also leave out some details, plus improve other parts disturbing my eyes right now. 

February 06, 2014

Prints for sale on "One Kings Lane"...

I have the joy to share the upcoming launching date of my partnership with american "One Kings Lane". Starting on february 11th, you will find art prints and promotion of my work on their website: 

February 01, 2014

Exercise for watercolor course...

Another study for my students form a photography; with reserves of paper to simulate the snow and contrast with the darks. 
We worked on paper Moulin Le coq; "Le rouge". It's easy to make whites on this paper by absorbing the pigments. It doesn't support to be badly treated though; paint fast not going back, you can ad layers but don't mess with them while paper is still wet.
Concentrate on the contrasts, start with the darks in the windows, in front of the café and go lighter, painting over the first layers of dark to color them where needed, like on the chairs to make different tones and variety. Mix the darks out of dark primaries. 
Mix your colors; check the accuracy before painting to get as close the color and value you want. (You should always have a cheap watercolor paper to test your colors on beside you, I'll never repeat it enough.)
This is much like a coloring exercise like for children to get used to mixing and getting the colors right. Mix real darks and start with them, can feel strange for some. 
I agree that the drawing of this one is a bit complicated if you are not a frequent drawer. Just don't get desperate while drawing the chairs!... 
"Bon courage!"