July 31, 2014

Michaël Borremans...

Today I spend the day in Brussels at Michaël Borremans' exposition at Bozart museum.
The most interesting and inspiring I've seen in a very long time !!!
I'm glad I participated in a workshop about traditional oil painting, the whole last week. It made it easier to study Borremans' work; to understand and see the qualities of it. To find out what makes it's so interesting in my eyes, technically and conceptually. Why it is majestic and sculptural.
It was a great satisfaction to be able to see his work for real. I'm totally seduced now more than ever!!
If you don't know who he is I invite you to take a look at videos and paintings in this post.
(The second video is more recent and shorter than the first featured here below, but the first one gives a clear vision of his work)

Enjoy! : )

July 17, 2014

My new studio...

Here are two pics from my new working space!
There is more light than it seems to be here on the pictures, but less than I'm used to. I will have to create the light I need in there, which is ok. My other space was light but oriented to the south and I had trouble with the direct sunlight most of the time. A problem I won't have here and I can also easily move tables and installations as there is enough room to do so.
I share the space with a few people working with other professions, so I have to keep my part tidy when I leave most of the time. I admit this could be a little demanding, even though I'm rather tidy myself and my technics are also mostly clean and "washable". I also better don't be too demanding as I'm very lucky I found this place at all and just in time when I needed it. It's, on top of that, only a hundred meters from where I live. I'm very happy about it!

July 16, 2014

From Stockholm's "Skärgård"...

Too many things to do during my stay in Sweden. Lots of adventures in good company; at sea, in the forest and bike rides, somehow a few sketches were made and a lot of time was spend only contemplating... 

Cassis cornuta...

A drawing and study of a sea shell from session with my students in my new drawing class today (which was actually held in my new studio!). I enjoyed it very much and also the fact that I now have a place to teach drawing!

July 02, 2014

First sketch in my new studio...

It has been a few kind of hectic and unstable weeks lately, but ending well as I found a new studio! 
I had to move, as my daughter is back to stay for a while and I had borrowed her room the the last four years. After some time searching with uncertain feelings about the whole thing, I finally found a nice space. This was just in time for my daughter's arrival, which meant I had to sort all my stuff and throw tons of old and unnecessary material. I had to prepare my new studio and also my daughters room into something presentable, clean and functional.
Finally, even if it's just freshly finished, I'm happy how it turned out. An ideal solution actually. I have a space I share with a others for the weekdays I need. 
Now I "only" have to get used to "go to work", to have more rigid working hours and to make it a clear priority. It's not the same to work from home, because then you have the feeling that work and daily life mixes together and you're never "off" or "on". I think it might have some repercussions on my family and household, but that will have to do. Later I will see the effect it will have on me and my working flow, if there will be any improvement. For now I'm just a little nervous, but soon I think I'll be used to the idea of this new system. 
Today I inaugurated my new studio with a few drawings and this small sketch which was also to try out a new sketchbook I just found. I'll bring it with me for the next two weeks, when I'm going to visit my sister in Sweden. I just pray for a few sunny days there, as nothing is like a Swedish summer! 
My plan is to come up with more news soon...