October 29, 2016


J'ai le grand plaisir et l'honneur de participer au 3ème Salon d'automne de Courtry :

October 28, 2016

Two still lives with flower cuts...

These two watercolors are part of a group of still life paintings I've been working on lately.
(They are two big to scan and get good quality image, paper is white on the originals)

October 21, 2016

"Roses in the morning I"...

Some paintings we just have to do, for the experience of it. It might be some idea, old or new, that has to be explored. A step we have to take, an impression we have that we must go through it. This might lead to new discoveries, new lines to follow or only the conclusion that this was entertaining to do but the result is maybe not for me. It could be worth another try or maybe not.